Really tasty food for dogs & cats

We prepare dog and cat food with craftsmanship. We only choose the best ingredients and work with the latest techniques. That guarantees the quality of every chunk.

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Irresistibly delicious

Responsible Origin

Highest quality ingredients

Recipes through research & practical experience

Energetic and fit into old age

Compiled by nutritionists and practitioners. With the aim of creating the most optimal nutrition for every phase of his life.

Fokker is free from genetically modified ingredients and contains no artificial fragrances, colors or flavors. With Fokker you lay the foundation for a healthy and long life.

A favorite for everyone

Every animal is unique and deserves the food that suits it. In addition to the innate differences (including size and specific breed characteristics), the life stage, temperament, environment and degree of exertion also play an important role. Fokker offers the optimal nutrition for every dog ​​or cat.

In the assortment
Dog Cat
Dog Opti-Grow L

Growth food for puppies and young dogs of large breeds with an adult weight of 30 to 80 kg.

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Dog Nutri-Fit M

High premium dog food for medium breed adult dogs weighing 10 to 30 kg.

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Dog Age-Care

High premium dog food, specially formulated for the older dog (from 7-9 years). For cartilage and joints.

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