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When a new food is introduced, we advise you to gently mix from the old to the new food. This way the digestive system can get used to the new food.

You can use the following schedule for a smooth transition:

  • 1st/2nd day: 75% old food – 25% new food
  • 3rd/4th day: 50% old food – 50% new food
  • 5th/6th day: 25% old food – 75% new food

Then switch completely to the new diet.

We certainly have these!

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Yes, of course!

Click here if you have a litter of puppies.

Click here if you have a litter of kittens.

We often receive requests for test bags of our food.
We understand that you would like to try a new food first.

First go through the selection guide for the best advice on your first purchase.

Then contact us and we'll see what is possible together.

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Puppies and kittens are still small and fragile, so they need food that helps them grow up safely. A food especially for your puppy or kitten contains extra nutrients (including proteins) to be able to build up his body in growth.
The kibble is adapted to the small jaws of your young four-legged friend so that they are easy to pick up. In addition, this food gives extra attention to the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system so that your puppy can explore the world well protected.

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