A good start for the kittens

Fokker ensures a good start for your kittens. We do this through our free KittenPacks for breeders/catteries. A nice introductory package and a good basis for the puppies in their new home.

  • Introductory package that you can give to the new owners
  • For the packaging and shipping costs we ask € 1.95 per package
  • KittenPacks can be ordered from 4 pieces with a max. of 12 pieces

A favorite for every cat

Fokker food provides the best support for your cat's well-being. From a shiny coat to strong teeth and optimal intestinal function.

See what Fokker can do for your cat.

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Irresistibly delicious

Responsible Origin

Highest quality ingredients

Recipes through research & practical experience

Energetic and fit into old age

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