Dog Meat Roll Fresh Lamb

A complete meal on the basis of fresh lamb and salmon
Enriched with fresh salmon - Omega 3 + 6 - For a shiny coat

Also suitable as a supplement or as a reward for all dogs.
Contains no preservatives. Free from artificial fragrances, colors and flavors

Fokker Meat Roll Lamb is available in 350 grams and 800 grams

Fokker Meat Roll Lamb has the following characteristics:
* Only butcher's quality lamb used.
* 100% Dutch
* With fresh salmon
* Easy to digest
* Compact Stools
* Also suitable as healthy snack
* Can be kept for 1,5 years, unopend and unrefrigerated
* Respects animal, man and the environment
* High quality, as you expect from Fokker

Nutritional needs
Serve at room temperature
30-40 gr. per kg body weight

Lamb, 74,9%, salmon 4,7%, rice 17,5%, salmon oil 0,6%, vitamins and minerals