Fokker Country Match

Fokker Country Match is a complete animal feed for adult dogs with an average to high level of activity.

Due to the pressed dog food structure, dogs have to chew more, which has a positively influence on the cleaning and strength of their teeth.

It contains highly digestible and natural ingredients which will keep your dog fit and healthy.

Fokker Country Match leads to more compact and less defecation, which is caused by the limited amount of roughage in the feed.

As a result of the great taste, your dog will fully enjoy Fokker Country Match.

Fokker Country Match contains all necessary ingredients in the right proportion, such as:

  • proteins for a healthy physique and strong muscles;
  • fats for a shiny coat and the necessary energy;
  • carbohydrates for a proper digestion;
  • minerals for strong teeth and bones;
  • chondroitin and glucosamine for building and caring for cartilage and joints;
  • salmon oil, which is rich in omega fatty acids, for a healthy and shiny coat;
  • vitamins for an optimal vitality. 

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