Feeding tips for your cat

  • All Fokker premium cat food is 100% complete. Therefore, adding other products and/or dietary supplements is not necessary.
  • The amounts shown in the tables are guidelines and also dependent on race, temperament and surroundings. Please take this into account when creating your feeding schedule.
  • In addition to cat food, your cat should always have clean drinking water at its disposal. The water should be changed several times a day and not be in the sun during summer time. Place the water bowl at some distance of the cat food in order to prevent contamination.
  • Lactating and pregnant pusses have higher nutritional needs, for example to support their milk supply. Let them eat as much as they want. Continue this up to 4 to 5 weeks after delivery. After that, the kittens will eat by themselves.
  • Your cat may eat more than is stated in the recommended guidelines after it is introduced to Fokker premium cat food. The reason for this is the great taste of the cat food. This increased appetite is only of a temporary nature. After some time, your cat will be satisfied and the amount recommended in the feeding table will be enough for it.
  • In the event of weight reduction, this will take place very gradually with your cat, up to only tens of grams per week. In addition to feed, daily exercise and omitting snacks are also important when you want your cat to lose weight.
  • For older cats or cats with dental problems, for which it is difficult to chew, you can soak the cat food before giving it to them. This may ease the food consumption.