Hooray, a new buddy!

Congratulations on your puppy. Good preparation and knowledge about these important developments in the first year is therefore essential: it gives your puppy a good start to grow into a healthy adult dog.

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What's in your kitten package?

  • Fokker Opti-Grow for kittens
  • A nice toy
  • Everything about the right nutrition for the first year and beyond
  • Savings card for nice gifts
  • Tasty discount on your first purchase
Fokker Kittenpack
Fokker Kittenpack

Good nutrition is indispensable and with the right care and attention you will have a buddy for life.

Request a KittenPack
Request a KittenPack
Litter of puppies or kitten?
Litter of puppies or kitten?
A favorite for every cat

Fokker food provides the best support for your dog's well-being. From a shiny coat to strong teeth and optimal intestinal function.

See what Fokker can do for your cat.

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Highest quality ingredients

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Energetic and fit into old age

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