Fokker Country Match is a balanced pet food for adult dogs with average to high activity levels. Fokker Country Match contains highly digestible, natural ingredients that will keep your dog fit and healthy. Fokker Country Match results in less and more compact stools. It is very tasty, your dog will eat it with pleasure. The great taste means your dog will really enjoy his bowl of Fokker Country Match. Fokker Country Match contains all of the necessary ingredients in the correct ratios: protein and fats, for healthy physique and muscles; fats for a glossy coat and the necessary energy; carbohydrates for effective digestion; minerals for teeth and strong bones; chondroitin and glucosamine for the construction and maintenance of cartilage and joints; omega fatty acids for a healthy, glossy coat; vitamins for vitality.


Fokker Country Match is available in 4 kg and 15 kg


Why pressed chunks?
A pressed chunk is a product in which the individual ingredients are pressed into a chunk. The advantage of pressing is that the required temperature does not need to be more than 70 C for the manufacturing process. This limits a reduction in the quality of the ingredients which is often a result of high temperatures. In order to achieve optimal digestibility, the grains in the feed are pre-treated. This process - known as extruding - ensures that the grains (mainly carbohydrates) are released, so that these are also easily digestible.

Soluble maize, soluble oatmeal, poultry meal, hydrolysed animal protein, maize gluten, poultry fat, vegetable fat, salmon oil, greaves, minerals, egg powder, lecithin, chondroitin (0.03%), glucosamine (0.03%).

Feeding instructions
The product is ready for use and should be served dry. Make sure that your dog always has a fresh supply of clean drinking water. The servings indicated are guidelines and partly depend on activity, breed and environment. Divide the servings over several meals a day. If Fokker is new to your dog then introduce gradually. Store in a cool and dry place.

Analytical components
Rough protein
26,0 %
Crude oils and fats
16,0 %
Crude fiber
1,8 %
5,3 %
1,1 %
0,9 %
Omega 3
4 g
9,0 %
Nutritional additives
Vitamin A (E672)
20.00 IU
Vitamin D3 (E671)
1.800 IU
(E1) Iron
50 mg
(E2) Lodine
1,5 mg
(E4) Copper
5 mg
(E5) Manganese
35 mg
(E6) Zinc
65 mg
100 mg/kg
300 mg
Omega 4
18 gr