Allergy Mix

Fokker Country Allergy Mix is a supplemental, easily digestible, vegetable animal food for adult dogs based on puffed rice flakes and vegetables. Fokker Country Allergy Mix is an ideal product as basic meal for dogs fed with (fresh) meat or fish. In combination with lamb Fokker Country Allergy Mix is a perfect food for dogs with a food allergy or skin problems.

- Has a favourable effect on gastro-intestinal ailments.
- Barely contains fat and has a very low protein percentage.
- Also suitable for cats. 


Fokker Country Allergy mix is available in 6 kg packages


Rice (min. 80%), peas (min. 6.5%), leek (min. 1.25%), carrot (min. 2.25%). Without artificial aromatic substances, colouring and flavouring agents. This product does not contain preservatives or antioxidants.
Feeding instructions
Prepare the Fokker Country Allergy Mix with warm water or stock and leave for approximately 10 minutes. By adding meat or fish you have a complete meal.  The indicated quantities are guidelines and also depend on the effort and environment. Split the quantity over 2 meals a day.

Analytical components
Crude Protein
10,5 %
Crude oils and fats
2,5 %
Crude fiber
3,0 %
Crude Ash
1,6 %
13,0 %