Bio Sausage

A complete organic meal based on fresh organic chicken.
Wheat and gluten free.

Also suitable as a supplement or as a reward for all dogs.

Fokker Bio sausage is available in 350 grams en 800 grams. 

A complete organic meal on the basis of fresh, organic chicken.
- Only butcher's quality chicken used.
- 100% Dutch
- Wheat- Free
- Easy to digest
- Compact Stools
- Also suitable as healthy snack
- Can be kept for 1,5 years, unopend and unrefrigerated
- Respects animal, man and the environment
- High quality, as you expect from Fokker

Fresh organic chicken 81,0%, organic rice 17,9%, vitamins and minerals

Nutritional needs
Serve at room temperture
30-40 gr. per kg body weight

Analytical components
Crude fiber
2.6 %
Crude Ash
3.6 %
2,8 %
1,4 %
65.4 %
Crude fat
10,1 %
Nutritional additives
Vitamin A (E672)
5000 IU
Vitamin D3 (E671)
500 IU
(E1) Iron
25 mg
(E2) Lodine
0.75 mg
(E4) Copper
2.5 mg
(E5) Manganese
5 mg
(E6) Zinc
50 mg