Affordable and high quality

Fokker Petfood is a leading supplier of dog and cat food, which is sold throughout Europe under the Fokker brand. Fokker's fundamental principle is: "To offer affordable, premium, high-quality products".

Product innovation
Fokker always uses the latest developments for product innovation. Research into digestibility and acceptance of the food as well as coat development and the effect the food has on teeth for example is constantly being conducted through kennels and catteries.


"Research is constantly being conducted through kennels and catteries."


In touch with current practice
We pay a lot of attention to organised dog sports. Keeping in touch with actual practice involves activities related to cynology, agility and dog-sledding sports (team and event sponsoring). In the cat world, we also sponsor cat associations and a number of cat shows. 

Obviously, actual practice will remain to be our best benchmark for product innovation and adjustment. The health and well-being of dogs and cats always comes first with Fokker. That is what turns an ever-growing group of consumers into satisfied Fokker clients. Fokker, friends for life.